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Pigment et médium acrylique sur toile 89x146cm, 2017
Pigment et médium acrylique sur toile 89x146cm, 2017
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Shahla Dadsetan | Inner Journey


Exhibition from September 12 to 17, 2017
Opening September 12, 2017 from 6 to 9 pm
Espace Coutures Saint Gervais, 6 rue des Coutures Saint Gervais, 75003 Paris
Opening hours : thuesday - Sunday, 11 am- 7 pm

Shahla dadsetan’s painting is rooted in a philosophical and scientific reflection on the movements of the universe, on the metamorphoses of the matter it is made out of and the forces that act on it.

To produce her paintings, the artist draws on every pictorial technique to render the cosmic world visible. She invites the viewer to reflect on this realm that lies beyond the boundaries of the known world, one that, despite scientific discoveries, fires our imagination.
Producing works in series, Shahla Dadsetan experiments with the constituent elements of painting, format, colour and line.

Her series of square canvases is based on the contrast between black and white. The pictorial matter is turned into a living material made up of shade and light that evokes the very substance of the universe. Captured in their motion through space and time, forms appear and disappear, like elementary figures that are consubstantial with the cosmic world.
Another series of canvases reveals Shahla Dadsetan’s predilection for black, which fills the colour red with intensity, creating tensions in the compositional space that evoke the interaction between ‘black matter’ and other elements that are in constant metamorphosis.
The colour’s expressive power and the power of gesture, whose energy can be sensed, bring the pictorial matter to life and create a feeling of vibration.

Shahla Dadsetan describes her recent canvases as ‘drawings in paint’. The compositions are indeed based on the use of line, which is here extremely thin and whose movements can be followed. The lines intermingle and undulate, imbued with an energy that gives rise to spiral forms that are floating in a state of suspension. The diluted colours with their soft tones create a certain translucency and transparency, contrasting with the previous series.

One can also interpret the reference to the act of drawing as a desire to capture and transcribe waves and sounds coming from the universe. Sounds resonate with the artist’s inner vibration while she is painting, in a sort of symbiosis of mental and cosmic space.

As a result of these various aspects, Shahla Dadsetan’s paintings demand that we contemplate them. Each canvas confronts us with the immensity and mystery of the cosmos, this realm of dreams and metaphysical questions.
‘We are stardust,’ Hubert Reeves reminds us.